Pirates of Devil's Cove (UN-C-739)
Henry Morgan is largely thought of as the most successful pirate of all time - his daring, brutality, and intelligence made him the most feared and respected of all buccaneers.

While returning with a full haul from Cuba in 1667, Morgan's ship was lured to the site of a recently scuttled ship. Believing there to be treasure in the water Morgan ordered his crew to leave the ship to investigate. Once a sizeable complement of Morgan's crew left to investigate the objects in the water, the Bloody Molly steered alongside and her crew boarded Morgan's ship.

With the Molly's numerous gun ports and cannons aimed at Morgan's ship and Henry Morgan himself at the blade of Jones. Morgan was forced to order his remaining men to carry their recently acquired cargo to the Bloody Molly.

When this was done, Henry Morgan and his crew were cast overboard and the Bloody Molly left unopposed.