Kwazulu Monkeyman (UN-B-4005)
Together with his long serving South African butler and associate Impal, Bergesson had discussed methods to take revenge against Knight, and not wishing to get his own hands dirty had allowed Impal to see to the specifics.

But in this tale the specifics were all important.

Bergesson had first met Impal Namumba when he had employed him as a guide while hunting in South Africa.

A descendent of the Namumba family, 4th son of the grandson of Chief Tchala, Bergesson's butler Impal had invoked his family's birthright to raise a Kwazulu vengeance devil spirit for the wrongs perpetrated by Knight against him.

At first the sightings of the terrifying creature that had been summoned seemed to have the desired success, but soon Bergesson suspected the number of disappearances were more than frightened men fleeing in terror.