Kwazulu Monkeyman (UN-B-4005)
Mort Bergesson was released from prison in 1934 and died soon after. Upon discovering events in his absence, Bergesson left supposedly on a business trip to the city, but was never to return. His body along with that of Impal Namumba was found 3 weeks later at the Toronto residence of his former butler.

Impal had died from a close range shotgun blast and Bergesson dead from a suspected suicide shot to his own head.

Bergesson's involvement in the events of the last few years became clearer, when a letter addressed to his estranged brother, Dick Bergesson, was handed over to the police by Dick's solicitors, in a bid to clear the way for his inheritance currently blocked by the legal investigation.

In the letter, Bergesson wrote of his plan to recreate an African safari experience but suspected that underhand tactics by rival developer Hugh Knight had robbed him of his dream.