Kwazulu Monkeyman (UN-B-4005)
Every single minister named by Bergesson denied knowledge of the animals' existence and Bergesson was arrested.

Bergesson was consequentially tried and sentenced to 3 years, for keeping dangerous animals without appropriate licenses. Bergesson's prison sentence and the general negative publicity surrounding the Falls Hotel had a disastrous effect on the business venture and the hotel was soon forced to close its doors.

After an arson attack on the building in April 1932, by persons unknown, the building was condemned. In July 1932, one of the most expensive demolishment operations ever, took place. Without first retrieving any of the elaborate and valuable possessions within, 107 men, under the protection of 20 Royal Canadian soldiers, tore the remains of the Falls Hotel down in a single day. The land was then fenced off indefinitely pending further investigation.