Kwazulu Monkeyman (UN-B-4005)
But Knight's casino investors were not so confident and began to take their finances out of the project. With limited investment and no construction worker in the state willing to work on the land, Knight was eventually forced to sell the remaining 8-year lease and the half finished building to his business rival Mort Bergesson at a cut-rate price.

Bergesson hastily redrew the hotel plans to incorporate the work already started by Knight's men and continued construction with immigrant workers.

No further disappearances were reported, and Bergesson was able to complete work on the 'Falls Hotel and Nature Reserve' a little more than two years later in March 1931.

Bergesson an able showman, skilfully used the local legends and the obvious media interest to his advantage, and announced first week bookings for the Falls Hotel to be at maximum capacity.