Kwazulu Monkeyman (UN-B-4005)
The stories of the creature and the 'curse' spread, and it became increasingly difficult to find workers who were willing to set foot on the property, even though no proof of foul play had ever been found.

Exasperated and growing short of time to the much-publicised opening - Developer Hugh Knight hired a team of ex-soldiers to hunt down the 'beast' and put an end to the curse that was slowly driving him out of business.

With several members of the local council and Toronto Sun journalist Michael Evans present, the well-armed mercenary team set off in search of the mysterious creature.

But they too were never to return.

Suggestions were rife that the mercenary team had been paid off to further foil Knights plans and the failure of the team to return was made light of in the following days newspapers, as once again no trace of the men, dead or alive was found.