Kwazulu Monkeyman (UN-B-4005)
The committee decided in favour of Knight's project and amid scandalous rumours of illegal bribes, construction on the casino commenced. A little under 3 months later the first of many unnatural occurrences began. A 14-man construction crew who were working on clearing the southern edge of the property disappeared without trace. Building work on the casino was halted while the local Ontario police carried out a thorough investigation but no trace of the men was ever found.

8 weeks later and with no further clues as to the whereabouts of the men, construction of the project continued with a new team of workers.

Further disappearances continued throughout the following year; 7 workers building a perimeter wall failed to return and then 3 weeks later the foreman of the construction team similarly went missing from a surveying exercise. In addition to the unexplained disappearances came the first reports of a 'Bigfoot' creature sighted in the area.