Kwazulu Monkeyman (UN-B-4005)
Bergesson confronted Impal and was horrified to learn that the men had not fled in terror, but had been killed and consumed by the Kwazulu vengeance creature that had been raised on his behalf. Bergesson ordered that it be stopped immediately. Impal convinced Bergesson that it was no less than Knight deserved and in any event that once invoked the protection enchantment would impel the creature to defend against the trespassers until vengeance was fulfilled.

Bergesson watched as the torment for Knight continue. But concerned that the killings should be traced to his household, he eventually thought it best for his butler Impal to leave his staff. Paid for his silence, Impal's employ was terminated soon after Bergesson had purchased the land.

Believing that the conditions for the revenge fulfilled and the need for vengeance sated against Knight, Bergesson confidently bought the property in the belief that the creature had completed its retribution.