Kwazulu Monkeyman (UN-B-4005)
In the winter of 1927 the 10-year lease for a highly sought after plot of land near Niagara Falls became the focus of an intense bidding war between two rival property tycoons. Hugh Knight, a Scottish millionaire & high stakes gambler and Mort Bergesson, a South African businessman who had made his fortune from diamond mines and upscale hotel developments.

Both men had been highly vocal in their expressed interest in the land and had waited for some time for it to become available for development.

Each man tendered their proposal to the local planning committee and both bids were equally welcomed. Hugh Knight had proposed plans to open a casino on the property hoping to entice US gamblers across the Canadian border. While his competitor Bergesson, had hoped to acquire the land that backed onto ground he had previously acquired, to create an African themed grand hotel and nature reserve with which he had hoped to provide guests with a real safari experience.