Kwazulu Monkeyman (UN-B-4005)
Name: Kwazulu Monkeyman
Born: The origins of this particular vengeance daemon have been traced to Africa around the 4th century.
Geographical Unnatural Location: Records show that this creature had previously been placed in both Southern and Central Africa, Asia and Canada.
Unnatural Appearance: Six foot high when crouching - over nine foot when standing upright. Black/ Sable densely fur covered humanoid figure with apelike facial qualities.
Unnatural Abilities: Powerful and ferocious, with ability to consume it's victims whole.
Notes: Monkeyman is a term used regularly in popular media to describe a large upstanding hairy man. The Monkeyman of this tale should not to be confused with the recent Monkeyman flap in India as the two creatures have remarkably different origins. In this case the term Monkeyman originates from descriptions by British soldiers serving in South Africa at the time of the English-Zulu wars.