Kwazulu Monkeyman (UN-B-4005)
In one of the most unexpected victories of the Colonial era, the Zulu army and its daemon commander slaughtered over 1300 British troops and their African allies.

It was told by surviving Zulu soldiers of that time that their daemon leader fought with such a furious vengeance that the men who followed him into battle that day had only but to finish off those who lay mortally wounded. Such was the ferocity and power of the daemon commander.

Although eventually beaten in the war by the sheer numbers brought into the war after this shocking defeat for the British Army, the great and unexpected Zulu victory at Isandlwana inspired the Zulu people to fight against overwhelming odds until their eventual surrender on the 4th July 1879. Isandlwana was a devastating defeat for the British, More officers were killed here than at Waterloo and more men than at Inkermen.