Kwazulu Monkeyman (UN-B-4005)
The Kwazulu Vengeance Devil or 'Monkeyman' was a powerful creature whose earliest recorded appearance dates from around the 4th century.

The Kwazulu Vengeance Devil was an ancient African daemon unable to exist in our own world unless 'invited' by a suitably empowered individual who could offer guidance to the daemon to cross the difficult path into our own plane of reality.

The ceremony to raise the creature would most likely entail an offered sacrifice by the mortal invocator. Such a trade for the services of this creature, or for any other daemon who similarly worked for a mortal, became known as a 'Devil's Deal'. So called, as the cost in return for the daemon's aide would be high, often it would mean the ritual sacrifice of loved ones to pay respect or to honour the daemon guest.

Once vengeance had been fulfilled the daemon would be returned to his own existence until a call for its services brought it earthbound again.