Long Claw (UN-B-0281)
When the time was right and her enemies' dead, she would return from her self imposed exile, and reclaim her kingdom and fortune.

As the Hesslane warriors burst into the courtroom, the Sorceress fled through an open portal, where her enemies could not follow.

Though successful in their attack on her kingdom, the sight of an empty fortress and lack of riches had weakened the triumvirates truce.

Under forceful questioning, an aide gave up the sorceress's plan to the Daemon warriors. The aide revealed that the Kingdom's treasure had been secreted someplace on Earth and could only be discovered by following a trail of cryptic clues, designed for the Sorceress to follow on her return.

The Hesslane generals ordered the aide to open a portal to Earth and with the series of clues in hand set off in pursuit of their fortune. But it was a quest from which the warriors would not return.