Long Claw (UN-B-0281)
For a time Alanthiea and her followers fought bravely, holding off the 3-way onslaught on her kingdom, but the prolonged attack wore down her armies defences and she was soon forced to consider plans to abandon the realm.

Before too long the Hesslane forces had broken through the great gates of the kingdom. Knowing that her realm would soon be lost, Alanthiea put into action a plan that would ensure that the Hesslane warriors would not prosper from their aggression.

She instructed her aide to select his most trusted soldiers to carry her treasures from her kingdom and hide them in dimension unknown to her enemies - Earth.

As a measure of further insurance, a guardian in the form of a Lochlarion Infernos beast was to accompany the riches to Earth, and was to stand guard over her wealth and protect it against theft in her absence.