Long Claw (UN-B-0281)
Legend has it long before the time of man, A Rocarff Daemon Sorceress, laid rule over a vast kingdom.

During her rule, the Sorceress Queen Alanthiea acquired an immeasurable personal fortune of riches beyond the imaginings of any mortal. But like many who acquire great wealth, she also acquired great enemies.

There were countless Daemon Kings who tried to seize the great realm from the sorceress, but by a mixture of magic and the powerful army at her command, she successfully defeated any who would try to claim her land

That is until a triumvirate of Hesslane warriors, who had each tried to conquer her kingdom individually but failed, plotted to work together to claim an equal share of her kingdom. Though the three warriors did not trust each other, each pledged to put asides their differences and combine their forces against the Sorceress's formidable army.