Long Claw (UN-B-0281)
Notes: The origins of the Rocarff legend on Earth, are difficult to trace, but we estimate that the Hesslane warriors carried the clues to the treasure's location, to Earth sometime in the 5th century. The legend next resurfaced when the warriors' map and research was presented as a gift by locals, to Jute conquerers Hengest and Horsa in AD 449 when they successfully claimed rule over Kent.

Though initially passed on to their five children as amusement. A local farmer drafted to the kings employ, recognised the map's accuracy, and offered to seek out the treasure for his new Jute King.

But like all others since, he too failed to complete his quest. By the time of the second crusades in 1149, the pursuit of the Rocarff treasure, like the quest for the Holy Grail, had become the favoured pastime of Knights returning from the wars.