Long Claw (UN-B-0281)
Name: Long Claw (Lochlarion Infernos Beast)
Dates: The legend of the Long Claw creature has endured up to the present day, the most recent and public research in to the legend came in 1981. It's origins, however are a little more difficult to place. (see notes) Certainly tales based around the Long Claw legend have existed since the early 6th century.
Geographical Unnatural Location: Most confirmed reports have taken place in the United Kingdom and Ireland, but some reports have placed the Long Claw in places as far spread as China, India and Africa.
Unnatural Appearance: The creature possesses long muscular forearms and powerful hind legs, which it uses to leap to and from attack. At the end of its two fore limbs, the Long Claw has large hooked claws that are capable of crude disembowelment or fine precision attacks. Its hide is thick and reptilian and seems impervious to projectile attack.

Long Claw