Long Claw (UN-B-0281)
There are six categorizations of unnatural - the Daemon, the Cursed, the Alien, the Mystic, the Beast and the Prime Evil - a category that alone does not denote origin, but the potentional threat to Earth.

Prime Evils aside, there are few unnaturals more terrifying to confront than those creatures that are categorized as Beasts.

The Daemon or Mystic often possess a reasoning not that dissimilar to man, but the actions of the Beast can rarely be understood or predicted. Nor can it be deterred from its course, by promises of money, fortune or power. The Beast will do whatever is required to survive and fulfil its purpose, and no less.

Of all the many Beasts recorded, the creature of this report, the Long Claw must rank amongst the most deadly.


Long Claw