Long Claw (UN-B-0281)
The chronicles document that the knight's attack was accurate and that Aratimus pierced the creature's chest with his staff, but in the same instant the beast took the knight's head clean from his body.

(Taken from the middle English translation of the medieval text "The Chronicles of Aratimus, the Brave")

..knyghte turnde hys steede and ridere at the beste as in tournement - hys staff strait and trewe and perced hys herte, but ful swithe the feend, and Aratimus knyght of templar heed from his body asonder - the steede charged on, the heed swapte to the erthe - namo aritmus the hardynesse of chivalrie.

2. A more recent report of the creature occurred in 1868, when Donald Wellington, a history professor at Cambridge University, stumbled upon existing research into the ancient legend.


The chronicles of Aratimus - the brave