Long Claw (UN-B-0281)
1. Aratimus a courageous Templar knight of the third crusades discovered the legend of the sorceress's fortune from a dying comrade. On his return to England he decided he would seek out the riches and the powerful enchantments that legend purported he would find among the treasure cache for himself. To ensure his eternal fame, a chronicler accompanied him on his adventure to record the details of his epic quest.

The story recorded in the "Chronicles of Aratimus, the Brave", tells that within weeks of beginning his quest, the Lochlarion or "Long Claw" beast appeared to the veteran knight.

By daylight the creature trailed Aratimus' every move. But by far the worst happened at night when the same creature invaded his dreams with visions of his impending death should he not cease his search for the treasure.