Jokul Frosti (UN-D-6914)
At the very least, Britain would be weakened and demoralised by the harsh winter.

Brandt made preparation, and in March 1945 shipped Jokul Frosti to Britain in an unmarked cargo container. On Brandt’s order, his agent would release the Daemon.

It was an ambitious plan, and one the Guild conceded may have been successful, but for the decisive allied campaign that bought about the surrender of the axis forces before it could be executed.

However in 1947 Britain was to witness first hand how devastating such an assault would have been on the country, when port workers were ordered to dispose of unclaimed cargo containers and unwittingly released the Daemon.

Within days the country came to a standstill. Snowfall exceeded known records; each day brought fresh snow, building upon the last. (See evidence)

Jokul Frosti