Jokul Frosti (UN-D-6914)
But by 1945 the war had decisively turned against the axis forces. The allied armies were close to victory and Hitler had little else left in reserve. In what was to be his final speech to his ministry in April 1945, Hitler ordered the revival of the paranormal projects. He assigned ‘Project Snowman’ as the centrepiece of an ambitious plan to isolate Britain in a huge snowstorm.

Documents gathered at the end of the war revealed Hitler’s plan to release an augmented Jokul Frosti on an unsuspecting Britain, causing temperatures to plummet. Low sea temperatures would cause vital naval ports to freeze, leaving British and American warships stranded. Constant snowfall would keep allied planes grounded, unable to complete their bombing raids on Berlin, and allied troops confined to their barracks.

With the country in perfect isolation, the German Luftwaffe would attack by air, with no fear of retaliation. Weakened by the unrelenting bombing raids, a German invasion force would follow and attempt to take the Royal family and cabinet hostage forcing the Nation’s surrender.

Johann Brandt