Jokul Frosti (UN-D-6914)
But an accidental release of the Daemon while still onboard the German warship spelled disaster for Brandt’s mission success. Ice quickly spread along its hull, freezing the warship and the water around it. Unable to defend itself from the Norwegian artillery, the warship was sunk - along with the Unnatural cargo and Brandt’s military reputation.

The Norwegian capital fell to Germany several days later, but it was through far more conventional means. Brave resistance from the Norwegian army saw them hold the Nazi invasion force long enough for their leader King Haakon VII and his cabinet to escape to Britain. Where Haakon was able to set up his ‘government in exile’ for the remainder of the war and continue to be a key figure in the Norwegian resistance against the German occupation.

Following the failure of that mission, Hitler lost interest in the Unnatural world and ordered funding for 'Project Snowman’, along with many other paranormal projects, to be withdrawn. Brandt and his officers returned to their military careers.

King Haakon VII