Jokul Frosti (UN-D-6914)
During the long and bloody years of the Second World War, neither side was averse to exploiting the untapped power of the Unnaturals in order to give them an edge in the fighting

While Britain and her allies were far more conservative in their approach, the axis use of the paranormal was widely documented.

By 1940, the Guild believed there were up to 25 separate groups undertaking numerous paranormal missions for the Third Reich. There were some minor successes, but for the most part the Unnaturals they had hoped to tame, were uncooperative and beyond the experience of the men tasked with their supervision.

However one notable exception was the project group 'The Crimson Order' headed by Johann Brandt.

As early as 1940, U.S. sourced Ariel photography showed that field tests on Brandt's 'Project Snowman' was achieving moderate success.

Johann Brandt