Jokul Frosti (UN-D-6914)
Name: Jokul Frosti
Date of Occurrence: 1940-1947.
Geographical Unnatural Location: Germany, Norway and Great Britain.
Unnatural Appearance: Hard icy crystalline skin, cold to the touch. Four foot tall when standing.
Notes: In Norse mythology Jokul was the son of Kari, God of the Winds. A mostly benign Nordic Daemon, famed for his artistic icy renderings. Although troublesome, Jokul Frosti was never considered dangerous - Norse Vikings would even use his name to imply cowardly behaviour. However, experimentation carried out by Nazi military in 1940 greatly increased the Daemon powers, to such a degree that Jokul Frosti is now considered a potential threat by the Guild.

Jokul Frosti