Tuck's House of Fear (UN-M-2104)
Despite the technical achievements of the ride, Tuck was at a loss to how to fulfil his mandate within the unreasonable time restraints. And so turned to the only tried and tested method he knew.

Tuck believed he could learn from his past mistakes, and that on his previous venture his only error had been introducing too many ‘troubled’ spirits to the attraction. During the following weeks, Tuck covertly introduced four ghosts to the attraction building, sealing them in with a binding spell.

On the day of the deadline, showman Tuck confidently introduced the ride to the theme park executives once more. They were impressed with the changes Tuck had made and granted him approval to continue.

The ‘Haunted House’ attraction opened as scheduled on the Park’s inaugural day and the ride has continued to be a crowd favourite ever since.


Graham Tuck