Tuck's House of Fear (UN-M-2104)
Tuck ‘s creative output was second to none, as he prepared character designs for the groundbreaking ‘Haunted House’ attraction. Each day he hoped that his supervisors would notice his extra effort and offer him a role that would permit him a more central role in the rides creation.

Through his craft, dedication and a few ‘unexpected’ promotion opportunities, Tuck, eventually got his reward and was offered a supervisory role at the ‘Haunted House’ attraction, which he readily accepted.

In 1967 the first ride preview for the Park’ s executives proved less than successful, despite the groundbreaking effects and the innovative mechanical ride through system, executives claimed the ride was uninspired and lacked suspense. With less than 2 years before the ride would open to the fee paying public, Tuck was given just four more months to significantly improve the ride, else he would lose his supervisory position on the project.


Richard Hockley