Tuck's House of Fear (UN-M-2104)
To a large extent, his method brought him great success; the attraction garnered many local and national awards, and was always in demand by the visiting public. Unfortunately, for Tuck the captive ghosts did not always play nicely. Over the 6 years the ride was in operation, there were 34 reported safety incidents.

Including the inexplicable opening of an emergency exit that led to two guests falling from the second floor, down to the ground below. That particular incident was the last of a long line of events that finally saw Tuck’s operators license revoked in 1963. Without a license to operate, Tuck departed England and travelled to America.

With his impressive credentials, it wasn’t long before Tuck got offered a job, joining the design team of a new haunted house ride in a state of the art Californian theme park.


James Wigglesworth