Tuck's House of Fear (UN-M-2104)
The first modern self-contained theme park opened its gates to an eager American public in 1969. A later resurgence in 1980’s, saw theme parks opening up to a Global market.

But long before people came to the parks, the thrills and excitement of the attractions would go to the people.

Theme parks existed in Europe as early as the 16th century, where they were known as ‘Pleasure Parks’, setting up on the outskirts of modern major cities attracting families away from the grim realities of their daily toil.

One of post war Britain’s most successful travelling fairgrounds was the 'Weston-Super Fair', a collective of independent fairground operators who would tour Britain’s Western Coast-line. Setting up rides and stalls in public parks for a few days, before packing up and moving on to the next seaside town along the coast.


House of Fear