Tuck's House of Fear (UN-M-2104)
Around 75 people in every hundred million are born with a genuine psychic ability, of those, about 40 will recognise their talent, and 7 will nurture their gift and be able to attain some psychic effect on their surrounding environment. But the ability to break through the barriers of mortality, to communicate with the deceased, is an ability that maybe only one of those hundred million will achieve.

There have always been people who could commune with the spirit world; many have worked with the Guild, yet only one of those people could converse with the spirit world as effortlessly as the focus of this report.

Fairground operator Graham Tuck was a man of extraordinary abilities, one of the great mediums of the last century. But Tuck wasn’t interested in unearthing the mysteries of the great beyond, but more in how his unique talents could help him attain his fortune.

Graham Tuck