Tuck's House of Fear (UN-M-2104)
2c. His partner in the crime, John Genner had fled the scene and was never identified by Tower guards. Hockley agreed to keep quiet about Gennerís involvement, but Genner did not trust him to keep his silence for long. When King Henry ordered fortification work be carried out on the Tower's defences, Genner seized the opportunity to silence the only witness to his own guilt. As part of the reinforcement work, Flemish engineer, John Le Fosser planned to flood the dry moat surrounding the fortress. While other prisoners were moved to higher levels, Genner with the aid of a corrupt guardsman ensured Hockley was overlooked. Sure enough when Le Fosser successfully flooded the moat in 1238, Hockley bound in chains in the dungeon was drowned.

3. The circumstances surrounding Tuckís dream promotion were less than clear. JT Hopkins, the former ride supervisor, who had been on the project since the start, suddenly quit his position complaining of stress. Rumours suggested he had a nervous breakdown, after experiencing violent apparitions at his family home in Burbank.

Richard Hockley