Tuck's House of Fear (UN-M-2104)
2a. Emma Liffey was a destitute woman of Victorian Manchester. Liffey lived her life on the streets, using her wit and beauty to survive the harsh conditions of the day. Liffey was known for her engaging smile, that she wore even under the most testing of conditions. Shortly before her death, she was involved in a violent argument with a Norwegian fisherman of ill repute, who claimed she had stolen money from him. Scottish Police discovered her frozen corpse in the North Sea three days later.

Incident reports filed show that several visitors to the ‘House of Fear’ had reported objects thrown at them while in the attraction. Liffey in communication with the Guild’s psychics admitted that she had attempted to return the coins to visitors, in an effort to absolve her of the crime.

2b.James Wigglesworth was a highly talented violinist, who regularly played with the Royal philharmonic Orchestra in the 1930s. But Wigglesworth had a gambling addiction that led him heavily into debt.

Emma Liffey