Tuck's House of Fear (UN-M-2104)
1. The ‘House of Fear’ attraction was gutted by Tuck shortly before he left for America.

Despite considerable interest from several of his peers, Tuck refused all offers to sell the attraction, instead opting to see it destroyed. Weston council had the remains of the burnt out building removed to a local scrap yard for disposal.

Following reports of several terrifying encounters of ghosts by scrap yard workers, which in one incident saw several abandoned vehicles hurled across the site by an ‘invisible force’, Guild psychics visited the site in 1963 to ‘release’ the ghosts still trapped inside. It was recorded that as many as eleven spirits had been trapped in the 60ft trailer.

2. Before the distressed spirits were ‘released’ by Guild psychics, extensive interviews were conducted with the imprisoned spirits. Several occupants had experienced particular horrific deaths.

Short article from Daily Mail 3rd December 1963