Mr Hobbs (UN-PE-031)
The Hand of Cacus - under war of 1659: The under war of 1659, was a particular bloody and hard fought battle, with the Kingsmen barely holding off the threat of Hobbs daemon army. Hobbs army this time wielded the 'Hand of Cacus' - by legend the severed hand of Cacus (son of Vulcan, slain by Hercules) brought the army that carried it forth into battle, great power and strength. And so it seemed for a short time, as the Kingsmen were forced back onto Earth. The daemon army were routed when Kingsmen first officer "Ramos Hallowman" made a courageous run into the enemy's camp to recover the "enchanted" hand. With the balance redressed, the Kingsmen were victorious. The "Hand of Cacus" now resides in the Keeps' archive.

Primaries: Hobbs employed the use of shape changing daemons to assume identities of leading political figures. Fortunately we have found a way to track these creatures, There are currently 38 leading figures we believe to be 'dolp-ad-mr' daemons. But we believe none to be a current threat.