Mr Hobbs (UN-PE-031)
Prophecy Wars: Hobbs, a great historian of the ancient prophecy maps of Petior, plotted to force several key prophecies to happen on his own terms. Using mystic time adjustment rituals, he was able to place himself at the correct location, at the correct time and fufill the requirements of the prophecies to gain great advantages. But using our own experts, we were able to ensure his failure. Several maps of Petior, new to the Guild, were 'acquired' during this encounter.

The under wars of 1103, 1232, 1470, 1659, 1674, 1702, 1841, 1917: These are occasional skirmishes/assaults that Hobbs occasionally wages against the Kingsmen. We see them as a testing of our strength to repel his armies. Mostly these wars have taken place on other dimensions - though a tactical retreat in the under war of 1659, (see entry "Hand of Cacus") brought the battle to earth for a short period. In all the Kingsmen have a proud battle record against Hobbs' daemon armies. It is widely considered that Daemons have no stomach for war, only for the battle.