Mr Hobbs (UN-PE-031)
The Dark Risings: Hobbs raised the long dead past Gods/Heroes of each major daemon race in an effort to inspire the many races to work together. Fortunately, this backfired when the freshly raised leaders quarreled among themselves from the offset. The first official "Unification" meeting, resulted in the death of 17 of the new deamon ministers, and put back any idea of peace among the races by several generations.

The Dark Days: In an effort to include half breeds (vampyres) amongst their allies, Hobbs struck a deal with the Vampyre Dominus - In return for their support Hobbs gave the vampyres - "b'tok a'morth" - ('the world shrouded in eternal night'). For over 24 days the sun did not rise on the western hemisphere. And the vampyres, usually restricted to nighttime, had free reign to terrorize the populace throughout the day. The 'casting' that prevented the sun's light penetrating the thick fog like barrier, was eventually removed by the joint efforts of our own mystics and members of the 'West Earth Witch Coven'.