Mr Hobbs (UN-PE-031)
6th extinction: Narrowly averted destruction of earth. Hobbs called upon the Elemental Gods to manoeuvre a sizable asteroid on to a path that would strike earth, while he planned to shelter his chosen daemons from harm, until the occupying humans were cleansed. But Hobbs grew suspicious of the Elementals' motives, and discovered that they too had an eye for claiming the Earth for themselves, and was able to cast the Elementals back to their own dimension before they chance to act upon their plans. With the assistance of the Guild's mystics, and Hobbs' own not insubstantial powers, the asteroid was 'moved' back to it's correct path.

Hell Clubs: Hobbs idea to open a daemon chapter - an 'Hell Club' in each major city of the world - to meet together to plan how to best undermine the Governments of the world at a more local level. Most of these were shut down permanently, by the Kingsmen, though it is still believed that a few chapters remain to this very day, working under the cover of exclusive "Gentlemen's Clubs".