Mr Hobbs (UN-PE-031)
It would take far too long to cite every reference to Hobbs, but what follows are some of the most notable recorded events involving Hobbs. HJ - 10/08/02

Hybrid Rebellion: Fleeing daemon/alien hybrids escaped from their alien "grey" prisoners, to the protection of Hobbs, at his Derbyshire Estate. A standoff followed, when the greys demanded their hybrid experiments returned and Hobbs refused. When a full-scale war, seemed the only possible outcome, the greys surprisingly backed down, leaving the 'daemalien' hybrids in the custody of Hobbs. It's doubtful that even Hobbs could have summoned enough support quickly enough to defend against an alien invasion. We can only presume then, that he offered them a better alternative. It is notable that the first human abduction was reported 3 months later.

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