Mr Hobbs (UN-PE-031)
Name:Mr Hobbs
Born: n/a
Geographical Unnatural Location: Hobbs is known throughout all known dimensions, and is a regular visitor to Earth.
Unnatural Appearance:
Hobbs is a powerful daemon, and with the aid of enchantments, can appear as he wishes. But in his true Chi-Shi daemon form, Hobbs has a large bony skull like head, with accentuated lizard like eye sockets, and powerful jawbone.
Unnatural Abilities: Incredibly Powerful Prime Evil
Notes: Hobbs has been categorized as a Prime Evil, an assignment not readily given. Prime Evil denotes that in the Guild's opinion, the subject is regarded as an incredible threat to life not only on Earth, but to every other known dimension also. Hobbs, not only has the power to bring about the destruction of humanity, but in the Guild's opinion, is likely to. Luck and circumstance have largely thwarted his efforts thus far, but Hobbs must be regarded as perhaps one of the most dangerous Daemons that Humanity has ever known.