Mr Hobbs (UN-PE-031)
1. The etching opposite is a drawing by Keeper Raine, of Hobbs' "Devils Ends" Estate. Interestingly on this observance, the rarely recorded "Holidian Sensors" can be seen. A sure sign that Hobbs was in residence that day.

The "Sensors" were Hobbs personal security team. Holidans are a non aggressive daemon race and rarely seen on Earth, having a prophetic talent for sensing violence or the threat of violence. And as such, made an excellent early warning system for Hobbs, who around this time, was becoming increasingly paranoid about his personal well-being.

As Keeper Raine, himself remarked - "Hobbs attendance at the house, is assured by the presence of the sensors (see fig 2.) that surround his property - I am certain they knew I was observing them - but as no threat or intention thereof was perceived, no force was issued against myself." (vol:217:16/342)