The Harvester (UN-D-0329)
Though Osric saw nothing of their wise landowner, Hobbs occasionally visited to pass on instructions and ensure the workers had everything they required for a successful growing season.

Shortly before the harvest was due to be brought in, Osric decided to ride out and thank the new landowner in person. The bailiff set off in the direction Hobbs had indicated, but after much searching was unable to locate any manor. Puzzled but unconcerned Osric returned to his own village.

On the eve of the day marked for the collection of the harvest, Hobbs met Bailiff Osric at the castle to plan the details.

Mentioning that he had tried but failed to meet his mysterious neighbour. Hobbs assured Osric that they would all get to meet their generous benefactor the following day, as his lord had requested that the villagers be gathered in the eastern cornfield before the start of the harvest.