The Harvester (UN-D-0329)
The farmers to whom Lord Aldfrid had rented his farmland were unable to pay their taxes. The rain had come too late producing a poor yield of crops that would barely sustain the village, let alone raise the extra funds required to feed and arm the King's soldiers.

On his way back from delivering the sobering news to Lord Aldfrid, bailiff Osric stopped at the local tavern to drown his troubles in several servings of ale.

Osric complained bitterly of his unjust fate to any who would listen, but his dark mood soon starved him of companions. So when a stranger, clothed in a heavy woven cloak approached his table, the dejected bailiff quickly invited the stranger to sit and began to recount his tale one more time.

When the bailiff had finished his sorry tale, the sympathetic stranger introduced himself as Hobbs, a fellow bailiff of a nearby manor.