The Harvester (UN-D-0329)
Unnatural Abilities: Survival for the g'hren messor Daemon required that their life energy be sufficiently replenished approximately every 40 years by draining the life energy from other living beings.
Notes: The Harvest Festival or thanksgiving is celebrated in many different cultures the world over in some form or other. In the UK, the "Harvest Festival" occurs around September or October, and it is a time that families donate food to schools and churches to be distributed among those less well off. But the beginnings of the tradition in the UK at least, may have less benevolent origins - according to some sources, the tradition began when from farmers in an effort to appease the hungry Daemon into sparing their farm workers, would leave a large amount of grain at the rear of the church. Appalled by the waste of food and the parishioners' lack of belief, the church would redistribute the food, meant as an offering, to those in the greatest need in the community.