The Harvester (UN-D-0329)
Name: The Harvester (G'hren messor Daemon)
Dates: Of the few reports available to the Guild, the legends of the Devil's Harvest were common among English and Welsh farming communities of the 5 - 12th centuries.
Geographical Unnatural Location: G'hren messor Daemons or Harvesters rarely leave their own dimension, in fact it is believed that only a few or even a single g'hren messor Daemon was responsible for all the life-harvests that took place on Earth.
Unnatural Appearance: The Harvester or g'hren messor Daemon is described as tall, estimates of our predecessors of "twice that of a fully grown man", indicates that this Daemon was in the region of 10-12' high. Sketches show that two horns grew from the top of the head. The Daemon also had faintly translucent white skin, which was marked with a series of elaborately decorative tattoos or markings.