The Harvester (UN-D-0329)
Man has never fully acknowledged the existence of Daemons, and for their part the Daemon races have never cared to understand Man.

When such a gap of understanding occurs it is a simple task to exploit the frailties of both species.

Mr Hobbs, an insidious Daemon, who spent much of his on Earth, was well educated in the ways of both. This allowed him to play the role of mediator, brokering deals between the human and Daemon races. The outcome of which was always decisively to Hobbs own advantage.

This early report predates the formation of the Keepers Guild by several hundred years. It tells of a deal arranged by Hobbs between a village in desperate need of a successful harvest to survive the coming year and a g'hren messor Daemon whose survival requirements consisted of quite a different food.

H. Jackson - 03/09/2004