The Harvester (UN-D-0329)
3. In the period known as the dark ages, the unexplained formations we refer to as crop circles were widely believed to be the work of the devil. It is likely that the legends of the harvester led some credence to this belief.

The strange circular void left in the cornfield of Legaceaster bears many similarities with the crop circle phenomenon. But unlike modern crop circles, where the crop is flattened down, the formation associated with the harvester left the ground completely burnt to ash.

The g'hren messor daemon's harvest of the villagers drained the life energy not only from his human victims but also from the ground beneath the victims' feet.

The land where this extraordinary event took place has never recovered even after 1400 years. This survey photograph of 1957 (see right) shows how nothing has grown in the location where the Daemon's harvest took place.