The Harvester (UN-D-0329)
1. The Keepers Guild attained copies of the Harvester contracts when the Kingsmen undertook a proactive raid of one of Hobbs' earth homes in 1137. While Hobbs was absent from earth, the Kingsmen forced entry to his home in Huntington, where they were able to gather a large of amount of intelligence about the full extent of Hobbs interference with human history.

The contract signed by the bailiff on behalf of Lord Aldfrid was just one of many revealing 'blood' contracts brokered by Hobbs between Human and Daemon species.

2. Though not quite accurate in the depiction of how the dust/crop circles were formed - the common held belief that a devil or daemon were responsible for their creation was widely held among the lower levels of society, and appeared in many wood carvings and illustrations of the time, such as the one pictured here.