Habra Khan Adabra (UN-M-1293)
3 years later Adabra was offered a release, on the understanding he accepted an invite to perform at the new created Crystal Palace in England. With many ministers from the British Parliament and possibly the Queen herself scheduled to attend. It was thought an ideal opportunity to bring the revolutionary cause to a wider European audience.

It was arranged for Habra to fulfil the request, and with a revolutionary posing as an assistant; Habra was released from his cell and sent to England.

On the night of the performance, Habra sat alone with the assistant, waiting their turn on stage. The ex-revolutionary Alain Dupont revealed to Habra that he was planning to set off explosives, during the finale of his act, that would bring the excessive Royal palace down, and how he it would help kick start the people of Britain to rise in revolution against their monarchy, just as other nations had throughout Europe.