Habra Khan Adabra (UN-M-1293)
Adabra asked for guidance, but was refused and told that he must now find his own way in life. With a further warning that he must not contact the other Maji again in this way for fear of drawing the attention of their enemies to Earth.

Habra remained deep in trance, within the safety of the Gobi, but succeeding battles that threatened to encroach on his defenceless body, eventually forced him to set out on foot again. Habra left his solitary existence, and resumed his life amongst the mortals, some 200 years later.

Adabra travelled for many years, never staying too long. Years passed and his funds began to draw low and he was forced to earn money by fooling his companions with simple confusion and sleight of hand tricks. The further he travelled the smaller the distance his money would take him. Finally he found refuge in Eastern Russia. Where, on market day he would perform feats of Magic in front of increasingly larger audiences.