Habra Khan Adabra (UN-M-1293)
The Prince at once sent his youngest son Prince Tolan to seek aid and resources from the Chahar, and Habra, a faithful and loyal companion to the young Prince, was requested to accompany him on this important mission.

They travelled the harsh desert, knowing that they must have the assurance of aid from their neighbour, Ligdan Khan, if they were to withstand an attack from the mighty and organised forces of the Manchu.

For his part Ligdan Khan, agreed that he would do all he could to beat back Manchu efforts. Satisfied that they had done all that they could, they made there way back to the tribe.

On their return, however, they found their home, ransacked and in ruins. No man, woman or child was left breathing. The Manchu had already arrived and were setting up battalions in the land that once belonged to their family.